We are humbled by your support of our Family Meals Program. We hope it has helped you all with truly affordable meals in a very difficult time. We also want to let you know how much all of you made such a huge difference to our small company and each and every employee who can continue to work for us.

This time of year we are usually in our “Peak” Season. We cater proms, weddings, graduations and corporate events almost every day. Obviously has not happened this year so your support of Family Meals has meant our survival. We really can’t thank you enough. As we settle into the “new normal,” we want you to know about our local suppliers who are impacted by us not ordering for those proms, weddings and corporate events - the local farms, bakeries and vendors who help to make us the Best of New Hampshire. The limitations on catering and events is hurting this local supply chain so we wanted to adjust the menu to highlight how important and simple it can be to Support Local.

Beginning this week, we will feature local greens and breads in our family meals. We will be highlighting local vegetables as they become available, something we have always quietly done and we think you will be pleasantly surprised to know how much we do this. The meals will now be $40 which at $8 per person (and you know you’ll have leftovers!) is a great deal. We raised the price of individual meals to $10 but are going to absorb this price increase for seniors, so over 55 will still be able to purchase 2 individual meals for $14.

We are going to continue to offer Grill Packs and other “Specials” that have been so popular – those too will feature our local suppliers. Folks, we can’t thank you enough for seeing us through these times. We hope you will continue to support us and ALL local businesses. We thank you in advance for your continued patronage, for spreading the word about our great meals, sharing our posts and keeping our staff busy.

Support Local,

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