Since January of this year, we have been impatiently waiting for these results, and we couldn’t be more excited for so many residents to appreciate our talents and skills as a local catering company.

There are many couples, business owners, and extravagant hosts that are looking for catering services in New Hampshire for the first time, and maybe they haven’t thought about if they need full service catering. Full services catering is all encompassing and offers clients the ability to truly enjoy their events, but many don’t know how […]

When choosing a catering service in NH for your big day, you might be skeptical about which company will offer the best deal around. There is plenty of research that can be done online, but until you meet your potential caterer there is no way of knowing! There are a number of questions you should […]

The weather is warming up quick and it won’t be long before our biggest celebrations of the summer are underway. What better way to celebrate these occasions than with BBQ catering in MA? Whether you choose from a pre-built BBQ menu or build your own, you are bound to find a menu that fits your […]

Celebrations Catering knows that getting outside can be the best part of your day, and have been offering BBQ catering in MA for long enough to know all the great activities you can do with a corporate barbeque.