Why Do Your Employees Deserve a Catered Lunch?

Posted by sps on February 9, 2018

Is morale down at your office? You can make your employees feel appreciated and boost productivity by letting them take time for a company lunch. Make it special by bringing a catered lunch to your office—there are plenty of benefits to this!

When your employees eat lunch together, they’ll be able to come up with solutions to problems. A change of scenery and a relaxed atmosphere are ideal for brainstorming, and this will let your employees work together efficiently.

A catered lunch will boost team morale. Your employees will feel appreciated when you reward them for their work, and this will be a great reward. They’ll feel inspired and confident in what they are doing.

You can treat certain members of your team or specific company departments to a catered lunch as a reward for good performance. This will incentivize them to continue their performance and will make sure other employees work hard to earn the reward.

If you’ve got new employees on your team, then you can consider treating the entire team to a catered lunch as a way to break the ice. Your team will be able to bond with each other and with the new members over some good food.

One reason some employers hesitate on treating employees to a catered lunch s the cost.  Celebrations offers many styles of catering so we can meet nearly any budget.  From full service meals, to delivery on eco-friendly disposables, you can relax knowing that you don’t have to provide dishes  but rather just the good vibes! This saves you time, which can help you save money.

Contact Celebrations Catering today to learn how you can treat your employees to an excellent catered lunch. We can help you come up with the perfect menu, and arrange a fantastic treat for your staff. Call us today to learn more!