Fall Wedding Dessert Ideas

Posted by sps on September 27, 2017

While providing catering for weddings in the greater Nashua and Manchester, NH area, Celebrations has wedding catering manchester nhnoticed a variety of trends that we love. Desserts are one of many important aspects of your big day, and there are so many unique ways to celebrate! Here are a few trendy fall wedding dessert ideas we can’t get enough of!

Bare cakes

Fall weddings are often centered around beautiful outdoor locations and seasonal elements, and the bare cake trend fits perfectly in that design. By exposing the layers of cake instead of using a traditional, fully frosted cake, it gives a natural and simple look to your wedding and can be decorated with non-edible elements such as flowers to provide the pop of color you desire.

Cider doughnut

One classic fall treat that everyone from New England loves is a plain or cinnamon-sugar powdered cider doughnut. Whether you hand out this dessert on individual plates or you utilize a tiered cake stand to stand your doughnuts to put a twist on a classic concept.

Caramel apple slices

We’ve talked about interactive caramel apple bars in the past, and apple slices dipped in caramel and served to guests is another fun way to give your guests something a little different than what they usually receive. You could even offer slices with different toppings for a little variety and fun!

Miniature pies

Is warm apple pie your all-time favorite dessert? You’re in luck because miniature foods are in. Many couples are providing their guests with personal, small pies in a variety of flavors to fit their fall theme and also cater to the sweets they love most.

Celebrations would love to be a part of your fall wedding or other catered events to make them even more spectacular and special than they already are. Our professionals would be thrilled to sit down with you and discuss the details.

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