Food-First Planning for Your Wedding

Posted by sps on December 27, 2017

Planning a wedding is an exciting time, and sometimes it can seem like a challenge to get started. However, the first spark of inspiration to set your plan in motion can come from anywhere—even your wedding’s menu.

What’s the happy couple’s favorite food? This is a simple question that can lead you to start planning. Start with something simple—planning a menu. What foods do you want to serve, and what kind of meal do you want? Are you looking for a casual buffet-style dinner, or a formal, plated affair?

When you have a menu, you can use it to expand on a theme. What nationality created the food you’re serving? Explore the culture around the food, and you’ll find ideas for decorations and setting for your wedding as well.

You can even use the food you serve to influence the colors of your wedding. The bright colors of seasonal fruits and vegetables are a good starting point, as well as the muted tones of many meat or pasta based dishes. If you’re using a specific culture as inspiration for decorations, you can also find common colors in the cultural decorations to use or your wedding.

Remember, a theme is a guideline for how you can plan your wedding. At the end of the day, it’s your wedding, and your personal tastes matter more than a theme. You can choose to ignore parts of a suggested theme, or not even need a theme at all. However, it’s important to remember that inspiration for wedding planning can come from anywhere—including the meal you plan to serve.

Do you need help planning your wedding’s menu? Contact Celebrations Catering for assistance with any questions you have, as well as some of the best food your guests could have. We’re here to help make your wedding go as perfectly as you plan it.