Instant Appetizers

Last-minute gatherings are no problem for Celebration’s drop-off catering!

Instant Appetizers Menu

The team at Celebrations has compiled our most popular appetizers, itemized by price, which can be conveniently delivered to your home or business on short-notice.

Delivery within 10mi radius of Nashua or Manchester. Driver gratuity is appreciated.

We also offer Instant Buffet.

By the Tray or Pan# peoplePricing
(min. $300
to deliver)
Cheese & Fruit Display25$50
Vegetable Crudite and Dip25$50
Mexican Dip25$50
Buffalo Chicken Dip25$50
Hummus with Pita and Veggie Sticks25$50
Hot Crabmeat Dip with Crackers25$50
Artichoke Parmesan Dip with Crackers25$50
Shrimp Cocktail25$100
Traditional Smoked Salmon Display25$75
Antipasti Table25 ppl min$250
Mezze Display25 pp min$200

Items by the Piece# of piecesPricing
Swedish Meatballs75$50
Sweet & Sour Meatballs75$50
Skewered Tortellini50$50
Melon wrapped in Prosciutto50$50
Cocktail Croissants25$50
Devilled Eggs50$50
Mozzarella and Tomato wrapped in Basil50$50
Sirloin & Cape Cod Chicken Croissants25$50
Build your own Bruschetta Trio50$50
The Following Items Require Cooking by the Client
Satay Chicken with Peanut Sauce35$50
Beef Kabobs25$50
Sausage or Veggie stuffed Mushrooms35$50
Sausage Puffs35$50
Sesame Chicken Skewers35$50
Pork Shao Mai35$50
Teriyaki Beef Satay25$50
Portabello Puff Pastry35$50
Scallops wrapped in Bacon35$100