National Dishes You May Not Know

Posted by sps on January 25, 2018

The cuisine world is vast, and there are many dishes around the world you may not have ever heard of. Take a look at some of the more unusual national recipes, and you might get some inspiration for your next dinner party or event. If you have your heart set on serving one of these tasty cuisines, contact Celebrations Catering today to discuss options for your next event.

Amok Trei: steamed curry fish with coconut milk, a traditional dish of Cambodia

Banitsa: pastry of eggs, filo dough, and cheese, traditionally served in Bulgaria

Barbajuan: dough stuffed with Swiss chard and ricotta, served in Monaco

Bazin: barley bread with tomato sauce, served in Libya

Bigos: chopped meat with sauerkraut and cabbage, served in Poland

Bobotie-spiced ground meat baked with egg, a beloved dish in South Africa

Cachupa: stew of corn, cassava, sweet potato, and fish or meat, made famous in Cape Verde

Cepelinai: stuffed potato dumplings, a traditional dish of Lithuania

Cervelat: pork sausage, traditional in Switzerland

Chilli Crab: mud crab in a chili sauce, from Singapore

Dal Bhat: lentil soup and rice, from India

Fårikål: mutton with cabbage and potatoes, served in Norway

Fasolada: white bean soup, served in Greece

Feijoada: bean stew with meat, from Portugal

Fufu: an edible dough of cassava flour with water, from Ghana

Ful Medames: fava beans cooked with vegetable oil and cumin, a traditional dish of Egypt

Hákarl: fermented shark, a delicacy in Iceland

Injera: sourdough flatbread, served in Ethiopia

Kabuli Palaw: steamed rice with raisins, carrots, and lamb, from Afghanistan

Kibbeh: patties of cracked wheat and ground meat, a traditional dish of Lebanon

Kuli-Kuli: fried peanut paste, from Nigeria

Laulau: pork wrapped in taro or luau leaf, a native Hawaiian dish

Maafe: stew made from ground nuts, a traditional dish in West Africa

Mămăligă: cornmeal porridge, a traditional dish of Romania

Mansaf: lamb cooked in fermented yogurt sauce, served in Palestine

Pelmeni: dumplings in unleavened dough, served with sour cream, a traditional dish of Russia

Salteña: baked empanada with stew-like filling, from Bolivia

Stamppot: potatoes mashed with other vegetables, from the Netherlands

Stegt Flæsk: fried pork belly, often served with parsley sauce, from Denmark

Thieboudienne: fish and rice in tomato sauce, a traditional dish of Senegal

Tumpeng: cone-shaped rice surrounded by meat and veggies, from Indonesia

Are you inspired for your next dinner party? Contact Celebrations Catering today to discuss how we can create a custom menu that will let you feature your favorite dish!