Shake Up Traditional Meals this Holiday

Posted by sps on December 20, 2017

Holiday meals are almost always the same. Your family might be different from another family, but the basics of each meal are tradition. Sometimes, though, tradition can get tedious.

It’s time to shake up your holiday traditions. We’ve got a few ideas on how to make your next holiday even tastier. Read on, and you’ll see why it might be a good idea to break tradition and try a catered holiday meal for your next holiday event.

Instead of a dry turkey or ham as your main dish, why not try a barbecued dish? A savory barbecue is perfect for warming you up in cold weather. We have some of the best barbecue in the area, and we’d be happy to share it with you for your holiday party.

Side dishes at holidays tend to be carb-heavy dishes such as stuffing and potatoes. While these are delicious, they’re one of the reasons people feel tired after eating so much. You can instead enjoy lighter fare, such as vegetables. Winter is traditionally not a time for fresh vegetables—but we’ll make sure that no matter what veggies you want, they taste like they were just harvested.

The presentation of your meal is just as important as the food being served. Do you want a buffet-style dinner, or would you like guests to remain at the table? Consider if you want your event to be formal or casual—a formal meal will require tableside service, while a relaxed affair is perfect for a buffet or family style serving.

For your next holiday event, consider a catered meal. It will be something different your guests, and allow you to relax and not stress about preparing food for everyone. Contact Celebrations Catering today, and we’ll help you decide and arrange every detail. Call us now!