December is a month of gatherings. From friends to family, and even the workplace, holiday parties are happening everywhere you look. Although intimate gatherings with your closet friends and family are great for potluck-style meals, workplace gatherings are a bit different. By catering your MA office party, you’ll be on the way with just one of several excellent ways of making your celebration a memorable one!


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Food, food, and more food

Who doesn’t love food? Catering your MA office party from start to finish is a great way to make your employees smile. Start their day with a buffet breakfast and extend the fun into lunchtime. From classic choices of eggs and bacon to a fun-filled taco bar or vegetarian tagine, Celebrations Catering has what it takes to make it happen!


Rent a photo booth

What better way to remember an occasion than with photos? By bringing in a photo booth for your office celebration, you’ll provide your employees with an entertaining way to laugh and make memories. Take things a step further and create a way for people to share their photos on a company drive or breakroom bulletin board.


Create a signature drink

The holidays are filled to the brim with festive drink recipes. And people love signature drinks! Whether you opt for alcohol or not, the possibilities are endless. For example, a sparkling holiday punch is simple to throw together and provides a great conversation piece. Cranberry and pineapple juices are mixed with ginger ale, and you’re done! For aesthetics, add slices of lime and cranberries for a pop of festive color. If you’re feeling ambitious, invest in fun cups to go alongside your fun drink!


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Keep the spirits high with holiday games

Planning activities to keep your employees engaged is a great ice-breaker as well. Below are a few ideas that won’t make anyone feel awkward with “kiddy games:”

  • Scavenger hunt: Divide your office into groups and sent them on their way!
  • Trivia: Create teams and organize a holiday-themed trivia game. From movies to cultural interests, there is no shortage of questions out there!
  • Team gingerbread houses: Set out a wide variety of supplies and put them to work! Set a theme based off of a holiday movie or let their creativity flow.
  • Cookie bake-off: Holiday cookies are a staple of the season. Have a bake-off and allow voting. The best cookie wins a prize! However, it’s important to have your bakers list their ingredients for those with allergies.


If you’re looking for catering in MA, contact our team at Celebrations Catering. From full-service to drop-off catering, we have an extensive menu sure to keep your employees happy and full! Call us today at (888) 401-3663.