As a catering favorite in MA, we have been met with plenty of fun and excited clients who are planning their annual summer BBQ. Though BBQs are often more relaxed than other events, you should still be prepared! Celebrations Catering has a few essentials to absolutely need for your next cookout to save yourself the headache of planning the day-of.

Outdoor activities. New England spends about half of the year cooped up inside, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to move your activities outdoors! Corn hole, Kan-Jam, Frisbee, wiffle ball, and other family activities are a great option while you wait to eat.

Refreshments. Being outside in the heat can be dangerous if there isn’t enough water around, so be sureBBQ Catering New Hampshire & Massachusetts to include a cooler filled with water bottles, and maybe even some soda. If there will be adults attending this BBQ, consider grabbing a few simple alcoholic beverages to provide more options for guests.

Places to sit and eat. Depending on the set-up of your party, you might be in need of tables and chairs. Rentals are an economical solution to provide all of your guests with enough places to sit and enjoy their meals, and save you the worry of finding a place to store this new furniture when the party is complete.

Good grub. The last thing you might want to do during your BBQ is to have to worry about standing over a hot grill. Luckily, there is BBQ catering in MA through Celebrations Catering where our professionals will come cook on location for you. We offer a number of menu options, which means you will find or create a combination that works best for you and your guests. Worry less and enjoy more when you work with us.

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