If there is something Celebrations Catering knows, it’s BBQ Catering in MA. Helping our customers put together menus that work for whatever kind of event they are hosting is our favorite, and we love to come up with creative ways to make your meals even more customizable than the last. So much so, we have a few suggestions to make your next catered event more interactive and personal with these differeimage006nt stations.


You might be thinking about toppings for burgers and hot dogs, but we want to take those toppings to the next level. There are a few ways you can update your toppings, such as adding more fruit to your cheesecake dessert options, offering whipped cream, and other tasty treats that will let your guests get creative.


Though salad is often an afterthought to many BBQs, make it a main event! Offer a variety of dressings for your salad and maybe even put some of the vegetables on the side to be mixed in to their preference. Worry less about your picky eaters and remove some of the stress from your planning.


Having Eli’s BBQ as a part of Celebration’s catering services means we have homemade marinades and sauces. Having a sauce station gives your guests the chance to choose from a number of mouthwatering flavors and customize their BBQ choices to exactly what they were hoping to get when they arrived at your party.

Finding the best catering in MA with the experience and options you have been looking for can be daunting, but starting your search at Celebrations can make your decision easy. With over 25 years, we have been helping turn our customers’ normal events into extravagant and memorable celebrations. With more questions, call us today at (888) 401-3663.