Catering in New Hampshire from CelebrationsWhen it comes to your big day, there is a lot to plan! Your food and drinks not only fuel the party (literally), they also add personality and style to your wedding. Catering in New Hampshire has been made easy with Celebration’s carefully planned menus designed specifically for your wedding reception. Here are a few tips to help plan the perfect meal!


From the serving style and the number of guests to the appetizers at cocktail hour, every decision will impact cost. By establishing a budget early on will help you stay on track!

Start Early

The perfect menu begins with the right caterer! Celebrations Catering has many wedding packages and menus that are designed to suit different venues and styles. By starting the planning early you and your Celebrations caterer can decided what is best for you and your partner!

Find Your Number

Your guest list and budget will help determine your menu! The number of guests may determine if your menu will be Celebrations ‘Wedding Feast’ or ‘Traditional Italian Buffet.’ Having your guest list signed and sealed will make catering in New Hampshire a breeze!

Consider Dietary Restrictions and Allergies

If it is your aunt who is gluten-free, or vegan cousin, it is very important to know in advance! Celebrations Catering can accommodate yours and you guest’s every need.

Add Personal Touches

Share the story of your relationship through your menu by serving dishes inspired by special moments, memories or things you love to do together. It is safe to say Celebrations Catering loves weddings, and we want to hear your story to help customize the wedding you have always imagined!

Whether you are planning an indoor or outdoor reception, a classic wedding buffet, a sit-down, plated dinner or an elegant family-style banquet, Celebrations Catering will relieve the pressure, save you valuable time and give you peace of mind! For more information please contact Celebrations at (888) 401-3663.