Choosing the perfect catering company in Nashua, NH is easy when Celebrations Catering is an option forCatering in New Hampshire from Celebrations your gathering. With years of experience helping bring different events to life for our customers, it’s no surprise that locals rely on us when they want to pull together a delicious meal for the people they love, and one option of catering we offer is family-styled.

What is family-styled catering?

Family-styled catering replicates the way we traditionally eat dinners with our families. Just like at home, we serve large platters and bowls to each table to share amongst themselves.

Some of the benefits

  • Instead of the usual plated or buffet styles, your guests will be encouraged to interact with their table. These conversations can create a comfortable and warm atmosphere for the rest of your event.
  • It allows your guests to have more than one serving if they so wish, which is often a preferred eating style over plated options for those looking to provide variety to their meals.
  • Like buffets, family-style is often less expensive than plated catering. It can involve less individual serving and staff help and cut down on the confusion of determining which plated meal your guest RSVP’d with.
  • Family-style is a great middle ground between plated and buffet style. A common complaint with buffet-style is that it is too informal while plated is too sophisticated. Family-style gives the casual elegance many hosts are looking for.

Whether you are planning a wedding menu or are looking to entertain your loved ones with some delicious food in your own home, Celebrations Catering as everything you need. Our family-styled catering has our china service included and is served with bread or rolls, choice of salad, entrée, vegetable, side dish, and dessert.

For more about our catering in Nashua, please contact us today at (888) 401-3663.