BBQ Seafood Catering New HampshireWhenever you might think of BBQ catering, a southern style often comes to mind. It’s true, New England gets a lot of inspiration from our southern neighbors when it comes to dry-rub ribs, corn bread recipes, and grilled chicken. We know we do a great job of taking those foods and making them our own. But did you know that Celebrations Catering offers options that are centered around New England comfort foods?

Of Eli’s BBQ sample menus, we offer options like our seafood barbecue, which encompasses some of the best catches we get in the area and our favorite homemade meals. Choose between New England clam chowder or lobster bisque, along with a number of light summer sides to put together a party your guests will remember. This is a great option during the seasonal heat to have a warm meal without feeling overwhelmed.

At our reasonable prices, you can even add on enhancements to your meal. If you’re finding that you would like to give your guests a wider variety, or maybe know a few people who do not like seafood, we have options to make your catering a hit for everyone invited. No matter your reason for celebrating, from weddings to late graduation parties to “just-for-fun” pool parties, you will have the catering options you need when you work with us.

If you’re thinking of hiring out for some BBQ catering near Andover, MA, but are still searching for a way to spice things up while serving your guest some local eats, Celebrations Catering has all the options you can imagine. Whether you go with our seafood, our mixed grill, or even our skewer barbecue, there is a menu for every party. To learn more about our options, give us a call today at (888) 401-3663.