When choosing a catering service in NH for your big day, you might be skeptical about which company will offer the best deal around. There is plenty of research that can be done online, but until you meet your potential caterer there is no way of knowing! There are a number of questions you should ask a catering service before hiring, and Celebrations Catering thinks these are the most important ones.

IMG_8779Are they licensed and insured? Being properly documented for both liquor liability and local health department codes is a necessity! These simple but important credentials protect you in the event of an accident and ensure your food is being cooked in sanitary conditions.

Is who I am meeting with who I will be working with? Depending on the size of the catering service, you be meeting with a sales representative, the owner of the company, a chef, or an event planner. Understanding your dynamic with the catering company who your point of contact will be makes for a much smoother planning process.

Do they have a plan for your event? When you head into your first meeting, the caterer will ask you lots of questions about your day, but it’s okay to also ask in return how they see the day running. From number of staff to preparation and other services provided, a seasoned caterer will have a rough plan they can describe to you.

Do they offer tasting before hiring? If you’ve never had the opportunity to work with a caterer before, you will want to ask if they schedule tastings before you hire. This ensures you’re making the right decision for you, your future spouse, and your guests!

What would be an estimate for a package you are interested in? A caterer might be the best in the area, but if they are not affordable for you, there are other great options out there! Be sure to have an understanding of their pricing and a break down of how you will be charged.

Is it full service? Though this might not be a deal breaker, you should be prepared for extra expenses such as table settings, preparation, clean up, and bar services. If a caterer is at the up of your price range and isn’t full service, you might want to consider other options.

Are they experienced or have references? It’s always nice to have a recommendation from friends or family but we don’t always have that luxury. Any reputable caterer will have great food, experience, and a few references to get a better understanding of their services.

Luckily, when you search for catering near Salem, NH, Celebrations Catering is often a top contender. Our team is excited to answer these questions for you and help you plan your dream wedding day menu! Give us a call today at (888) 401-3663.