With so many businesses and families in the area, it can be difficult to determine how much food you think you will need to order through your preferred catering company in Manchester, NH. When you are not making these meals every day, you might question if you have ordered too much or not enough! IMG_8820Celebrations Catering knows there is no exact formula to reach a conclusion, but having the answers to these important questions can help!

How many guests do you anticipate?

Maybe the most fundamental question of them all, the number of guests you have confirmed to attend your event is crucial. If and when possible, have your guests RSVP. Having concrete numbers can make your planning process far less stressful and accounts for everyone on paper.

What kind of catering are you seeking?

Any great catering company will have a huge variety of options for you, and each type of catering service might have a suggested amount of food. For example, food at a brunch versus a dinner is going to have different varieties and quantities. Defining your event can aid in this part of the planning process.

How long will the party last?

Depending on the length of your party, you might consider having multiple courses, appetizers, or dessert. Hosting a dinner party versus a full night event for your employees can result in more food and beverages. You never want your guests to leave with an empty stomach, so when possible, map out how you hope the evening to go.

Luckily, if you have the answers to this question, the experts at Celebrations Catering can help. With years of experience as a catering company in Manchester, NH, we have contributed to narrow in on the needs of our customers to create a menu that is delicious, filling, and not wasteful.

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