Planning a wedding is one of the most hectic, stressful, and sometimes fun processes. You get to choose a beautiful dress to wear, an ok looking dress for your bridesmaids to wear, and a venue fresh out of your childhood dreams. Being at a wedding is even better. You get to dress to the nines and dance the night away. One of the finer moments of both the planning and the attending is the food. For wedding catering in New Hampshire, Celebrations Catering is a great choice. Here’s what they have to offer to make your wedding as delicious as it is beautiful!


Each of Celebrations’ buffets acts a five course meal. Each one has an option of appetizers, first courses, entrees, accompaniments and desserts. The wedding buffet is their cheapest option and still lets your guests pick between appetizers like fruit, dip, crackers and cheese. Since it’s a buffet, why not get all of the above? They also offer specialty buffets like the Chef’s Carving Buffet named after the carving station it comes with. There are also the wedding feast option which has a larger variety of food to choose from, and the Italian Wedding buffet.


If the buffet style of eating isn’t for you, there is also a plated option. This is a great choice for those who liked to be served at the table or for the picky eaters who know exactly what they want. With six salads to pick from, the delicious food is only beginning. Celebrations Catering has main courses like grilled fresh salmon with pineapple mango salsa, surf and turf, and Chevre-Stuffed chicken. There are so many different flavors so you can experiment with and make the most of your wedding day.

Family Style

This is the perfect middle ground between buffet and plated catering in New Hampshire. All the food is right there at your table for you, but you still get multiple choices to pick from. Instead of a set portion, you can gorge yourself on tasty dishes like chicken piccata or have just enough to wash down with a drink from the open bar.

Celebrations Catering really can make your wedding day special. Food at the reception is key in getting people full and happy so you and your guests can dance like fools in wedding bliss. Buffet, plated, and family-style catering in New Hampshire is just the start. Celebrations Catering offers full bar and China service to its clients in northern MA and southern NH. Visit them online today.