Details, details, details. Planning anything is all about the details. Often, keeping track of all the particulars overwhelms a person. The best way to ease the stress of planning an event is to push the responsibility onto somebody else. It’s called delegating, right? Luckily, that’s what professional catering is all about. Of course, you still have to choose what food you want, but hiring a catering service does simplify your options. Here are a handful of events perfect for hiring catering service in New Hampshire!


Weddings are those weird instances that cause both happiness and anxiety when it comes to planning. You don’t want to spend the week leading up to this milestone in the kitchen. Catering for a wedding is the smartest choice. Celebrations Catering provides a buffet, plated, and family-style catering service in New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts. Depending on your budget, you can even try their Wedding Feast Buffet. It gives you more delicious food at only a slightly higher cost per person. But can you put a price on a beautiful wedding?

Corporate Functions

“Corporate functions” sounds so vague. That’s because Celebrations Catering is the right choice for any size business event at any time of day. For a nice corporate BBQ of family day, try Eli’s BBQ from Celebrations. For holiday parties, try their dinner catering. Celebrations has an excellent breakfast and brunch menu for employee luncheons and open houses. Plus, companies looking for regular food service management can contact Celebrations Catering to see just what they have to offer.

Family Gathering

“Family gatherings” is another vague category. Is it a holiday party? Graduation? It doesn’t matter because Celebrations Catering covers it all. When you hire a caterer, you and your family can focus on reconnecting and having fun. With breakfast, brunch, reception, and dinner options, you can finally finish that spring cleaning you’ve been putting off. The name Celebrations says it all. When you hire them for your family gathering, it’s always a reason to celebrate.

The simple answer to “when to order catering service in New Hampshire” is whenever you don’t want to worry about the cooking. For larger events that need other kinds of preparations like cleaning or booking venues, let the professionals handle the food. They cook, you eat, and everybody wins. Visit Celebrations Catering online today.