It’s no surprise that the reception is the favorite part of many attending a wedding.  With the ceremony over, the atmosphere becomes more relaxed.  While the bridal party partakes in pictures, the guests are left to mingle.  Catching up with long-distance relatives, old friends, and making new conversation; all while sipping refreshments and enjoying delectable appetizers. Although relaxing, planning the perfect cocktail hour can require as much detail as any other element of your wedding.   At Celebrations Catering, we strive to make your wedding day everything you’ve dreamed of.  Working within your budget, MA catering is an affordable and fun solution to your wedding reception!  In combination with expert tips from online resources, such as The Knot, your cocktail hour can be achieved with minimal stress and a reasonable budget.


Unique Appetizers

The key to a successful reception is to awe your guests.  From the moment they walk into the reception area, your guests’ senses should be on overload, absorbing the littlest of details.  Whether it’s the décor or the food served, everything presented to your guests should follow the theme of your wedding.  Although this sounds expensive, it doesn’t have to be!

Choosing appetizers that follow the theme of your wedding is an excellent way to enhance the overall tone you’re looking to achieve.  For instance, if you’re having a backyard luau, appetizers such as coconut shrimp, hot crabmeat dip, or even pineapple chicken kabobs are excellent choices.  If utilizing catering in MA, your caterer should work with you to help customize the menu while staying within the budget.


Signature Drink

Another fun way to enhance your wedding theme is to create a signature drink for your guests.  Again, let’s imagine you’re hosting a backyard luau. By creating a tropical drink that is served to your guests in a signature glass, or even a coconut, with umbrellas and sliced fruit, will not only impress your guests, but bring a fun element to the reception.  Take things a step further and give your drink a fun name based on your new marriage, favorite vacation, wedding party, or so on. 


At Celebrations Catering we’re here to assist with any reception need.  Providing premier catering in MA, our team of qualified and skilled individuals will help from the beginning to the end.  Whether it’s food, décor, equipment rentals, or licensed bar services, we have you covered.  Visit us online to learn more about why you should consider Celebrations Catering for your wedding reception needs.

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