With Father’s Day fast approaching you’re either one of two things.  The first, you’re prepared and ready to go.  The second, you’re overwhelmed and trying to figure out the details of the day.  If you happen to fall into the second category, stress no more.  Here at Celebrations Catering, we offer in-house and drop-off catering to Portsmouth NH and surrounding areas. Simplifying Father’s Day, we make sitting back and relaxing the day with the dads in your life easier than you think.


Old Fashioned BBQ

Father’s Day, for many, is a day filled with family, laughter, and backyard barbeques.  However, when it comes to manning the grill, Dad is typically in charge. Unless you feel like stepping up to the plate, the utilization of a local caterer may be the optimal solution.  Eli’s BBQ will provide your family three generations of barbeque expertise, ensuring an authentic experience that will keep everyone coming up for seconds.  If you’d prefer a laid back experience, drop off catering may be the answer for you.


Drop-Off Services

Father’s Day is typically a laid back day to enjoy good company.  Keeping that environment in mind, drop off catering can be an ideal solution to resolving stress.  If you’re a large family that gathers in one celebration for all the Dads, there are many details to account for.  With the use of Celebrations Catering, you can have your meal dropped off before the guests arrive.  Present to your liking, without the shopping and cooking, leaving yourself with plenty of time to spend with your family.   


Budget Friendly

One of the best features about the use of catering in Portsmouth NH is that you can determine the budget.  From small gatherings to large, your budget is always top of mind at Celebrations.  We will work with you to ensure your needs are met all within an ideal range.  From appetizers to desserts, beverages to forks, drop off doesn’t mean that you’re sacrificing quality. 


This Father’s Day, consider Celebrations Catering for your Portsmouth NH catering needs.  With 35 years of experience, owner, Fred Manheck, dedicates himself to providing the finest quality ingredients to the finest cuisine around.  Visit Celebrations Catering online to view their full menu, or call them today at (888) 401-3663 and make sure your Father’s Day meal is one to remember.

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