Catering in Lowell, MA means making some tough decisions about your needs for your wedding. The two most common catering options at weddings are plated and buffet style. Celebration Catering has helped many brides and grooms create a menu that works best for their big day, and have compiled a list of the best benefits for both styles.

Plated Catering:

  1. Formal and elegant. Plated catering is often seen as more formal than other options, and is able to be presented in a way particular to your style or theme.
  2. Meal choices are predetermined. After your guests send in their RSVPs and food requests, more than half the battle is won. Having a set menu for dinner means less stress on the day of your wedding.
  3. Less hectic and/or stressful. Some guests find it overwhelming trying to navigate their way through a buffet. Having a plated meal means your guests can relax and have their food brought to their table.Catering in New Hampshire from Celebrations
  4. Proportioned well. Food waste is much less with plated options. Chefs are able to determine normal portion sizes and create a balanced meal for each guest.
  5. Can customize more to a theme. Because your menu is specific and solidified, you are able to find options that match your

Buffet Catering:

  1. Variety. There is quite a bit less to worry about when it comes to pick eaters, food restrictions, or dietary needs with a buffet. Offering a number of options means your guests will find something they will enjoy.
  2. People can decide what they want. Aside from choosing your options, you do not have to ask your guests additional questions. Leaving the decision up to your guests means worrying about other, more pertinent aspects of your big day.
  3. Less stress collecting RSVPs on food. Instead of receiving hundreds of questions about your limited options, you are able to leave this stress behind.
  4. Gets people out of their seats. Want a way for your family and friends to mingle and stretch after the ceremony? Buffets bring everyone together, literally! Stations and lines make for efficiency while leaving room for conversation.
  5. Food is hot and ready to go. There is no waiting for food to be served to every individual guest. Food is served immediately and you are able to avoid cold dishes.

If you need help making catering decisions in MA for your wedding, give Celebration Catering a call today at (888) 401-3663. Our consultants are here to make these decisions as easy as possible, and have plenty of options that will fit your needs.