Of all the fun choices to be made when deciding on wedding catering in Concord, NH, creating your signature drink might be the most creative! This drink is a great memory to carry from your big day, can integrate your overall theme, and become a centerpiece for the reception after the ceremony.

  1. What is a spirit you both enjoy? One great way to narrow in on your decision is to find a spirit you and your future spouse will want to drink. Not only are you able to both enjoy your cocktail, it can be an aid in telling your love story.Catering in New Hampshire from Celebrations
  2. What is your theme? Some themes are elaborate, and other times they can be extremely simple. From fresh ingredients to color choices, these can play into your overall wedding style and match your décor.
  3. What is the season? A fall wedding might result in a different garnish or non-alcoholic mix. This is especially important if your theme plays into the season and location your wedding takes place.
  4. Can you have more than one? Not only are you buying an abundance of supplies to make this drink, everyone else should also enjoy your drink, too! Your cocktail should go down smooth, is not too sweet or sour, and tastes great.
  5. Is it too complicated? When in doubt about your cocktail choice, keep it simple! Not only is it more likely everyone will enjoy your drink, your bartender will be able to mass produce this drink easier and faster than other options.

Celebrations Catering has been helping couples make catering decisions in Concord, NH for years, and being able to serve your signature drink is just one of them. Give us a call today at (888) 401-3663 to speak with our experts about our bar services.