There are many couples, business owners, and extravagant hosts that are looking for catering in Concord, NH, and surrounding towns for the first time.  Perhaps you’re one of these people, and you’re not quite sure about the options you have.  Catering can be provided as full-service or as a drop-off service.  Not quite sure which will better suit your event needs? Here at Celebrations Catering, we want our customers to understand the difference, especially when it concerns our full-service catering.  A beneficial event service, we’ll take care of the details while you sit back and enjoy your guests.


Menu options

Like any other catering style, with full-service catering, you can choose your menu. Depending on the catering company, you may be presented with several menu choices from appetizers to the main course.  Even better, the company may allow you to create a more specific menu customized to fit the tone of your event.


Food preparation

Once again, depending on your caterer, food preparation can be completed a couple of ways. The caterer may either bring food on location to be cooked and readied before your guests.  On the other hand, food may be prepared in house and delivered to your location where it will be warmed. In either scenario, you are not asked to assist.


Dining set up

Whether you opt for buffet or plated style catering, set up will be completed by your caterer. Many catering services offer plate and flatware rental options or work standard plate and silverware into their pricing.  Beyond the addition of your table centerpiece and décor touches, you should be able to arrive at your event and not have to lift a finger!


Food Service

Again, whether you choice buffet or plated, full-service catering means there will be staff there to assist.  From serving the buffet line to plated table service, we’re here to serve! Catering companies will provide your event with the proper amount of experienced staffing to ensure your guests the best experience.


Clean up

Often, at the end of events, the idea of cleaning is cumbersome and exhausting. Full-service catering means you have to worry less about odds and ends as the night winds down because your staff has already begun the cleaning process for you.

When searching for catering in Concord, NH, or surrounding towns, put Celebrations Catering at the top of your list. Not only do we offer a full-service buffet or plated meal service, but we have several additional amenities, such as cocktail receptions, that will fit your needs and your budget. Give us a call today at (888) 401-3663 to learn more about how we can help make your event a success!