With each season, we see new trends in fashion. Similarly, but less noticed, is a change in food preferences as well. With the warm summer months coming to a close, fall events are beginning. Here at Celebrations Catering, MA fall menu selections are sure to keep guests satisfied. Here are a few of our favorite trends this upcoming event season!

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One of the biggest food trends from dining out to catering is tapas. Otherwise known as little dishes, these meals are perfect for sharing. Small portions enable your guests to explore more flavors. All the while, tapas allow the chefs to become a little more creative with the presentation. Not only a perfect to twist to the traditional catering, but tapas are also perfectly paired with a variety of wine selections.



Although stations are not a new concept, they are in high demand this season. Creating the wow factor for guests, there are a variety of stations to consider depending on your event. From the traditional meat carving station to taco bars and fondue stations, these are hit for any function.


Comfort Food

One tradition that resurfaces every year is the good old comfort food menu. Fall is the perfect time to reintroduce your guests to warm, more substantial meals. Although this is opposite of the tapas trend, it simply means that anything goes! This is your event, although you need to keep your guests in mind, providing a variety of options will ensure a little something for everyone.


Sensitive Friendly Options

Today’s society is more health-conscious than ever before. Thus, it’s imperative to think beyond traditional meal selections and include choices for those with sensitives and allergies. Whether you opt for a few vegan dishes or go entirely gluten-free, your guests should never taste the difference. At Celebrations Catering, you can be sure the taste will never be compromised due to variations. Upon request, we can work with you to create a plant-based and locally sourced meal for those choosing a healthier path.


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With barbeque season coming to a close, fall is the perfect time to switch up the menu. The cooler, crisp air is a welcoming invitation for comfort food. With Celebrations Catering, MA events have never tasted better. Contact us today and taste the difference for yourself! 888.401.3663