Well, let’s start by saying that we are a strong yay. Now you might be thinking we’re a bit bias here; that, of course, we’re a yay. But that’s not the case! Our yay comes from years of experience in both the personal and business side. Having attended dozens of wedding over the years, we’ve seen full-service, plated meals to buffet-style and backyard barbeques. Although we love them all, BBQ catering in MA pulled on our heart-strings a bit.


Classy or Sassy, You Choose

One of the best parts of a backyard reception is that the overall feel lies entirely up to you. Whether you’re keeping it casual or upscale, the possibilities are endless with these gatherings. Long candle-lit tables adorned with seasonal flowers, and light shades of your favorite pastel will create a whimsical, dreamy feel. Whereas you can decorate according to the season, 4th of July, Memorial Day, go patriotic! Throw down some lawn games and you’ll have the best backyard celebration people have been to in years!


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Either Way, BBQ Catering Wins

Whether you’re opting for a plated meal or buffet style served straight from the grill, barbeque and summer receptions go hand in hand. The one grudge we hear frequently is the potential to have a mess on your hands. For instance, most people hear barbeque and think of sauce. Big, juicy, saucy ribs for example. However, barbeque catering provides more than the traditional sloppy meals making it an ideal solution.


Keeping It Clean

Here at Celebrations Catering, our award-winning BBQ catering in MA provides a variety of options for your guests. Thus, they’ll go home as clean as they arrived! Well, no promises there. With entrée selections from marinated sliced sirloin to honey mustard glazed short ribs, we have meals that are drip-free!

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If you’re considering BBQ catering for your MA wedding, we’ll stand behind you. Yay! Click here to visit our BBQ menu online or give us a call and let us customize a meal perfect for your backyard wedding reception. It’s never too early to start planning as weekends fill up quickly! Call us today at 888.401.3663.