Catering in New Hampshire from CelebrationsYou have your guest list, your venue, the time, the day of the week, and the final budget set! You have considered all of the aspects it takes when it comes to planning your wedding bar, the final question is, “What are my wedding bar options?” Celebrations is experienced in all types of catering in New Hampshire and are here to work closely with you to accommodate your specific needs for this special day!

Types of Bars

Open Bar

An open bar gives your wedding reception the option of a full bar including a wide selection of beer, wine, mixers and spirits. We supply all necessary equipment needed for a full service bar! We keep a running tab which is tallied and then charged to your final payment option. Though sometimes pricey, it is a great option if you have a lot of guests who will drink quite a bit and would be better suited with a variety of beverages.

Cash Bar

A cash bar is where you have the same fully hosted bar as the one mentioned previously, but instead of you paying for the drinks, your guests pay as they consume. This is a popular option for many couples to provide champagne and wine for toasts and dinners, in addition to a fun full bar!

BYOB (Bring Your Own Beer)

Under some circumstances, New Hampshire will allow you to provide your own alcohol. In this case we can still provide you with TIPS-certified bar service. Celebrations can help you by offering guidelines as to what to purchase and even provide mixers, garnishes and equipment!

Hard Liquor vs. Beer and Wine

Depending on your chosen wedding venue, some may not hold the appropriate licenses to serve hard liquor. If this is the case, beer, wine and champagne are always a great choice!

A professional wedding bar service plays an important role in any reception! By speaking with one of our catering consultants, we can discuss and plan details together! For more information contact Celebrations Catering today at 888-401-3663!