Corporate functions can be boring, especially when you’re cooped up in a building during the warm, summer months. Celebrations Catering knows that getting outside can be the best part of your day, and have been offering BBQ catering in MA for long enough to know all the great activities you can do with a corporate barbeque.

Make it a family event. Inviting friends and families to these outings allows youCatering in Manchester NH from Celebrationsr employees to bond with those they love, converse with coworkers, and create connections and common interests with one another on a sunny afternoon.

Play games. This is an awesome way to build teamwork, communication, and bond as coworkers. Competing or com
pleting games like capture the flag or scavenger hunts are tons of fun. Celebrations Catering also offers employee morale activities if you’re out of ideas.

Offer other activities. Having entertainers at this event can be great for all ages. Consider face painting, magicians, or tarot readers to keep the excitement alive. These activities are both fun to do alone and with others.

Create a picnic of food. The idea of a picnic might sound odd at first, but working with Celebration’s Catering will change your mind quickly. We take BBQ seriously around here, and want to help you create a menu everyone will love. Nothing starts a great party like great food, and we want to be there to help you create the best atmosphere possible.

Have you been thinking about BBQ catering in Andover, MA for your next corporate event? Get in touch with Celebrations Catering today at (888) 401-3663. We want to help you put together a menu that has everyone talking about the annual barbeque for years to come.