coporate catering Andover MAWe all know that time is money.  Thus, when it comes to corporate event planning of any sort, you realize how time-consuming, and costly, the planning and coordination aspects can be.  Although hiring a caterer may seem more of an expense at first, in the long run, you will save your company money.  By considering the use of catering services, you will eliminate hours of planning and researching of different companies.  Celebrations Catering makes catering in Andover MA and surrounding areas a breeze with their flexible menus for any event.


Product Launches

An exciting moment for many, product launches typically is host to large crowds.  Although you may have a soft launch with employees prior, it is still crucial for them to attend. Similar to conventions and conferences, you are hosting an event filled with potential investors.  At Celebrations Catering, we understand that this can be very stressful.  With every detail needing attention, you’re best bet is to leave the food to the experts.  With a half hour of your time, you can be sure you have the perfect menu selection as well as professional service and everything in between.


Company Outings

Perhaps it’s that time of year that your company hosts an outdoors outing for employees.  An excellent way to kick back with your employees and their families, outings should be laid back and memorable.  With outdoor tented catering, you can have a relaxed barbeque style gathering perfect for hot summer days.


Board Meetings

Because your Board members make the ultimate decisions, you need to be sure they are provided with everything they may need.  With the use of drop-off catering services you can provide the Board with a variety of food options.  Ensuring that your Board is satisfied will help your meeting to stay productive and on-task.


Company Celebrations

Imagine it’s a Monday morning.  Most of us reluctantly crawl out of bed, knowing the long commute and hundreds of emails ahead of us.  Now image you’ve made it to work.  You’re walking into the company cafeteria to put your cold lunch in the fridge for the day, and boom.  A kitchen full of bagels, fresh fruit, scrambled eggs, coffee, and juices is there awaiting your arrival.  What a great way to start your employee’s week off.  Further, it’s been shown that those happy in their job are more likely to effectively produce more for their employer.  It’s a win-win really.


At Celebration Catering, our menu provides flexibility and up-front pricing, ensuring you stay on budget.  Our team of professional chefs and servers will be sure your Andover, MA catering event is one that people remember.  From drop-off catering to plated events, we have your needs covered.  Visit Celebrations Catering online and leave menu stresses behind.