BBQ catering MAIn New England, barbeque is a staple of the summer months.  Hot summer days, outdoor gatherings, and good food is something many of us enjoy during the season.  Barbeque food is not only delicious but brings a sense of home with it.  At Celebrations Catering, we understand how important family is.  That is why Celebrations Catering offers the best BBQ catering in MA and NH.  Bringing food and family together, our catering services are sure to bring lasting memories for years to come.


The Beginning

The outdoors has special meaning to the Manheck family.  Owner, Fred Manheck, welcomed the birth of his grandson Elijah in an open field outdoors.  Thus, the outdoors has a connection to family when it comes to the Manchek’s.  Because Fred wanted to bring the experience to others, Eli’s BBQ was created.  Named after Elijah, Eli’s BBQ has been going strong for three generations.



Because variety is the spice of life, Eli’s BBQ will provide you with a wide array of authentic homemade options.  From our own sauces and dressings to the vast selection of meal choices.  You can create your own personalized, authentic experience when you customize your event menu.  Ensuring your event is tailored to your audience provides the peace of mind that your guest will have an enjoyable experience.


At Eli’s BBQ you never have to worry about precooked meats.  Upon arrival, your meal is cooked at your location.  Thus providing you and your guests with the finest, never dried out, meat selection.  After the cooking process is complete, our chefs will hand carved with all you can eat mentality in mind.  We keep cooking until your guests stop eating!

The Secret

That’s right; the Mancheck family has a secret.  Our award-winning homemade barbeque is guaranteed to be like nothing you’ve ever tasted before.  So what’ the secret? We’re not telling.  However, we will let you know that our perfected BBQ sauce has over 40 ingredients and will keep you and your guests coming back up for more.


So, if you’re planning a gathering this season, consider contacting Eli’s BBQ.  We strive to offer the most complete and authentic experience you’ll find.  Eli’s BBQ catering in MA and NH is an experience like you’ve never had before.  Call us today at (888) 401-3663 or visit us online to view our full menu.