If there is anything we know from living in New England, it is seafood. Celebrations Catering knows how seriously we take our clambakes in Massachusetts, and we’ve created menus that reflect that! Now, for anyone who hasn’t attended a clambake in the past, we have a few suggestions for absolute must-haves for hosting one in this neck of the woods.

New England Clambake Seafood CateringLobster. What would a New England clambake be without the best shellfish we harvest best? Being from this area means you know what great lobster tastes like and we take advantage of it during the summer season. In order to have a true cookout, lobster has to be on your menu!

Other shellfish. We hate to admit it, but sometimes lobster isn’t every person’s favorite shellfish, and maybe you’re looking to add some clams, shrimp, or other items. The more the merrier, in our opinion! Accommodating your guests means hosting a better party!

Salad. We have to get our vegetables in somewhere, right? Salad is always an ideal side for these meals, as it breaks up the heat of the boiling pots and melted butter in the summer sun. Not only that, it is a great option for anyone who does not enjoy shellfish.

Grilled corn. There is no such thing as a cookout without corn on the cob. Whether you’re from New England or not, there is just something about corn that screams “cook out”, plus it goes really well next to all those shellfish options.

Dessert with fruit. We would be lying if we didn’t say dessert wasn’t the first thing that came to our minds, but choosing a dessert in New England is often based on the season! Summer calls for strawberry pound cakes, fruit salads, pies, and other similar items.

It can be overwhelming to begin planning your own New England clambake, and that’s where Celebrations Catering comes in! We’re a go-to catering in MA, and offer a number of BBQ menus for our clients, including clambake options! With more questions, please feel free to give us a call today at (888) 401-3663.