Because catering is such a helpful resource to anybody planning an event or party, sometimes people don’t ask for more than a set menu. If all you’re asking for is food, you’re only getting a portion of what is available to you. At Celebrations Catering, they have a variety of services at your disposal. By thinking outside the box, or just asking their staff what is available, you can take your catering from good to precisely what you wanted. Here are a few ways to make the most of your catering services in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Catering in MA from Celebrations

Think Drinks

Yes, food is essential, but it never does well to forget about what drinks will be available at your event. Celebrations Catering has staff prepared to ban the bar at any function. While you may not worry about drinks at a high school graduation party, this service comes in handy for other things. Planning weddings and corporate outings or morale activities is easier with Celebrations Licensed bar service. Another way to make it fun is to create fun themed names for the cocktails to go with the theme of your party.  

Know What Your Guests Like

Another way to make the most of your catering service is to check in with your guests. At corporate events, you may not know all of your attendees. One way to check in with them is to send out a survey asking what styles of food they like: Asian, Mexican, Italian, etc. and deciding on your menu based on the replies. At private events like weddings and holiday parties, shoot your uncle a text to see if he’d prefer lamb or fish. These questions make deciding on a menu even easier for you and your catering service.

Think About the Style

Different events require different types of seating and plating for your food. While almost any event goes well with a buffet, plated and family-style service have their benefits too. Plated food is brought right to the table and ensures every guest gets a personalized meal of their choosing from the menu. Family-style allows those sitting near each other to share and mix it up to satisfy their hunger.

Keeping these ideas in mind can make your catering service just what you need to please. On top of food and bar services, Celebrations Catering can also help you with entertainment for your event, as well as equipment rentals, and decor. For more information on how Celebrations Catering can help you, visit them online today!