The month of October means different things to different people. For some, it’s Libra season, and for others, it signifies the real start of fall weather. One unifying factor October gives everyone is that Halloween is coming. With any holiday comes entertaining. Of course, Halloween requires a bit more decorating than other holidays. Especially for those hosting Halloween parties, decorating can take up valuable time that should be put toward food. Don’t worry, Celebrations Catering in Nashua has the best menus for Halloween parties!


Classic Dinner Buffet

There’s a good mix of flavors involved in the classic dinner buffet from Celebrations. You have your fresh garden salad and artisan breads. You have your pasta primavera, cranberry rice, and roasted green beans. To finish off the buffet, you get beef bourguignon and lemon cream chicken. It doesn’t get much better than that for catering in Nashua.

Elegant Buffet

The elegant dinner buffet from Celebrations is sure to please. It covers all the basics plus some. They have field green salad and orzo Insalata for sides. For heartier dishes, they have the sirloin bordelaise and medallions of chicken and artichoke. The elegant buffet even comes with potatoes, melange, and rolls to fill your tummy while you judge the costume contests!

Gourmet Buffet

The gourmet takes all the best flavors you can ask for and enhances them just a bit. It’ll give your Halloween party a side of class with every bite. There’s Caesar salad and red bliss potato salad as well as herbed rice pilaf, chips, and condiments. For the bulk of the buffet, they offer Swedish meatballs, tarragon chicken, and assorted artisan wraps!

Eli’s BBQ

If buffet style isn’t right for your Halloween party, Celebrations does Eli’s BBQ year round. You have a choice of so many different variations that they can’t all be listed here! They have Cajun, Tex-Mex, Caribbean and so much more. The flavors pop, and you’ll be sure to impress all the ghosts and ghouls who show up!

Halloween parties require a different kind of attention than other parties. By hiring catering in Nashua, you can spend your time on the decorations while Celebrations does all the cooking. Contact Celebrations Catering at 888-401-3663 or visit them online!