AboutIt’s safe to say everybody has tried barbecue food at least once in their lifetime. It’s an American staple, particularly in the summer. Summer BBQs are sewn into the fabric of American nostalgia with images of dad behind the grill and neighbors chatting in the background. BBQ food gives you a sense of home and familiarity no matter where you eat it. At Celebrations Catering, they understand the connection between food and family. That’s one reason they make sure every customer is getting what they want and enjoying what they get. Eli’s BBQ from Celebrations is food you won’t find at any other catering service. Here’s why!


The Origin

Believe it or not, the Manheck’s know the importance of being outdoors. Fred Manheck, the owner and chef of Celebrations Catering, named Eli’s BBQ after his grandson Elijah. Elijah was born in an open field outdoors. With that, Eli’s BBQ was born. Eli’s BBQ is all you can eat so everybody can get their fill. With this birth, three generations of Manhecks showed their dedication to outdoor festivities and letting food bring life to the party.

The Flavors

Cooking fresh food over a charcoal grill gives each meal a fiery energy. To ensure the best quality of your food, the chefs at Celebrations only use lump charcoal, so no chemicals or gas get near your plate. All meats are cooked and prepared on site to ensure freshness. It helps that all their sauces, marinades, and salad dressings are made from scratch to entice the taste buds. With options like luau, Brazilian BBQ, and many more, the flavors of Eli’s BBQ are sure to please.

The Convenience

Sure, your mom or your dad knows their way around a grill. Sometimes they need a break. Hiring a catering service is the only way to ensure everybody has the time to enjoy themselves at any function. Eli’s BBQ is available for corporate events, weddings, luaus, pig roasts, or any family gathering you can think of. Variety like that and you don’t have to cook? Eli’s BBQ can’t be beaten.


Though BBQ is associated with summer, Eli’s BBQ is available year round for northern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. Celebrations Catering’s dedication to food and family culture make Eli’s BBQ an excellent choice for any occasion. Visit them online today to check out their menus.