Yes, food is important to me. Food should be important to most people. For me, I may care about food a lot more than the next guy as I live to eat more than I eat to live, if I’m honest. Of course, working for this great catering company, Celebrations Catering, I can see that an event is more than just about the food; it’s about the décor and the details. Sure, you could just pile food on cheap plastic trays you’ve had in your family since Aunt Joan tripped over the dog at you’re the lake house. One could easily plop random edible items on picnic tables and you could eat with plastic forks on thin paper plates. That, however, would not be an “event”; it would just be a cookout at the park with the family. In order to have and event, one must concern themselves with the experience. Eating this great food cooked by great chefs tastes better when you’re surrounded by burlap, flowers and loved ones.

Throughout these past few events that I have had the fortunate time to attend, I’ve been paying attention to what makes the events we do special besides just the food.

For example, flowers in mason jars over burlap make this table a bit more “chic” on white linen.


Table numbers written on little chalk boards adds a nice touch.


This guest book signature table complete with disposable cameras and national flags was a different idea. Notice the herbs on the tables and each flag represents a country of a person attending this event.


Even the DJ table sports some nice flowers!


People eat with their eyes. Why not make the table reflect the yummy food!?

Catering in New Hampshire from Celebrations

Boxed lunches for the kiddies! Happy Meals!


Nice place to hang out and people watch?


Now THAT’S an interesting use of a canoe. At least we know this one doesn’t leak.


Beautiful flowers complete with lace that matched the brides dress.


Let’s not forget some sweets to send home with the guests.


Sangria anyone?