Catering is a luxury. Not enough people take full advantage of this luxury. What sounds better than having a five-course cooked for you and your guests by somebody else? They come to your venue, cook up all the delicious dishes you wanted, and even have a waitstaff to deliver it to each table and man the bar. Sometimes though, the venue doesn’t require a waitstaff. A holiday party in your living room, for instance, may be better with catered food and no waiters. Luckily, Celebrations Catering offers drop-off catering options. Here are some of the bonuses of drop-off catering.

Corporate/Private Reception

Prep Work

The first perk? There is no prep work on your end. All you have to do is call up Celebrations Catering and tell them what you want from you drop-off services. If you want a table of appetizers or a full-blown buffet, they can make sure your meal is what you want. After ordering and paying, the only prep work you need to do is find a space to put it all. Then your guests can help themselves!

Mix and Match

With menus like Celebrations, there is a dish for anybody’s taste buds. The chefs at Celebrations know what they’re doing in the kitchen and take inspirations from Asian, Mexican, Italian, BBQ and traditional American cuisine. That means you friend Cheryl can enjoy her fried rice while you savor a pot pie. For their drop-off appetizers, you can order anything from a fruit display to artichoke parmesan dip with crackers.

Clean Up

Much like prep work, drop-off catering means minimum cleanup. All you have to do is eat until your heart’s content, store any leftovers for later, and toss the rest of it. Cleanup is even easier if you and your guests eat on paper plates. That is how drop-off catering can streamline your party planning and make cleanup that much easier.


If you’re ever considering catering, but are worried you don’t have room for the catering staff, consider drop-off catering. At Celebrations Catering, you can get all the delicious food with half the prep time and cleanup. Visit them online today!